Project Kids Art was created after my trip (About Me) to Siem Reap Cambodia in April, 2009. I was fortunate enough to find and volunteer for a wonderful grassroots residential orphanage (Orphans Disable Arts Association) that was started by Leng Touch, an orphan himself. During my time there I was able to help set up a permanent exhibition of the children's paintings to give them an additional source of income for their basic needs.

Leng and his wife currently struggle to support 15 children through selling paintings he and the children create. Leng's
life dream is to help and educate as many underprivileged children as possible and has done an amazing job with what little he has.

Thank you Heidi Lovig & Briana Kingrey for allowing us to use your video.

Project Kids Art is dedicated to supporting Orphans Disabled Arts in Cambodia.

All donations qualify for charitable tax deductions. 501(c)(3) exempt

Donation From My Best Friend!

Chris just donated $80, thanks buddy!


Fundraising Success!!!

Brothers Holiday Lighting Inc. had a huge success with the Christmas lights recycling drive and raised $2616.50 for Project Kids Art! Thanks Ryan!

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